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World Best Captain in Cricket

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World Best Captain in Cricket: Who is the World Best Captain in Cricket ? Cricket lovers always ask this question; they want to know who is the world’s Best Captain in Cricket.

World Best Captain in Cricket , Who is?

For a successful cricket team, the captain plays the most important role. For a single wrong decision of captain, , team can lose the match. And any good decision of captain team can win the match. For a best captain, you need the best skill, dedication , leadership, and also some luck.

Top 10 World Best Captain in Cricket

Now I will share the top 10 World Best Captain in Cricket. We will discuss Ricky Pointing to India’s captain cool and Price of Calcutta Sourav Ganguly.

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S. NoName of CatainCountryYear betweenNo of match
as a Captain
1Ricky PontingAustralia2002-201232422077
2MS DhoniIndia 2007-2018332178120
3Graeme SmithSouth Africa2003-201428616389
4Allan BorderAustralia1984-199427113989
5Virat KohliIndia2013-202221313560
6Stephen FlemingNew Zealand1997-2007303128135
7Steve WaughAustralia1997-200416310844
8Arjuna RanatungaSri Lanka1988-1999249101114
9Eoin MorganEngland2011-202219811867
10Kane WilliamsonNew Zealand2012-202319610180
World Best Captain in Cricket

World Best Captain in Cricket

Ricky Ponting

World Best Captain in Cricket
Ricky Pointing

Ricky Ponting is one of the most successful cricket captains in the cricket history. During a time of great supremacy, he led the Australian national cricket team and presided over a period of ongoing success and multiple triumphs.

In 2004, Ricky Ponting take over the button of captaincy from another Australia’s most successful captain Steve Waugh , as the Australian team’s captain for both Test and One Day International (ODI) matches. And his direction increased their supremacy in international cricket and kept winning.

Name of CatainCountryYear betweenNo of match
as a Captain
Ricky PontingAustralia2002-201232422077

MS Dhoni

World Best Captain in Cricket
Former Indian Captain MS Dhoni

India’s one of the most successful cricket captains in world cricket history is MS Dhoni. The captain cool , former Indian captain win all the trophy in his time for Indian cricket team. His great leadership, thinking abilities, and his prediction was tremendous . we found creative tactics distinguished in his captaincy.

The ‘cool’ persona of M.S. Dhoni concealed his strategic prowess. His remarkable judgement and creative strategies helped India win several important championships.

MS DhoniFor -India Time period- 2007-2018Match played Captain- 332Win-178loss- 120

Graeme Smith

World Best Captain in Cricket
Graeme Smith – Former South African Batsman

Former South African Captain Graeme Smith is well known for his powerful and effective leadership of the South African cricket team. He is famous for his strong leadership, fortitude, and important contributions to the team’s triumph were the hallmarks of Smith’s captaincy.

Graeme SmithPlay for – South AfricaPlaying year
Total Match as captain
Win- 163loss- 89

Allan Border

World Best Captain in Cricket
Allan Border, Former Australian Captain – symbol of defance

The former Australian cricketer Allan Border is lauded for his crucial leadership role in determining the course of Australian cricket during a vital time. Border’s leadership was distinguished by his tenacity, fortitude, and contributions to rekindling the competitive spirit of the Australian team.
Australian cricket was revolutionized under Allan Border’s direction, and the team’s future victories were made possible as a result. His steadfast dedication to the team’s advancement and his capacity to inspire his players during trying moments have defined him as a captain.

Allan BorderPlayed for AustraliaPlaying year
No of match as a captain
Win – 139Loss – 89

Virat Kohli

The current Indian cricketer and former Indian captain, Indian run machine Virat Kohli, had led the squad with a blend of fervour, ferocity, and resolve. His emphasis on excellence, solid leadership abilities, and efforts to maintain a high level of performance across formats have distinguished his captaincy.
The legacy of Virat Kohli as captain combines aggressive leadership, a drive to perfection, and a dedication to upholding India’s position as a cricketing superpower. One of India’s most important cricketing figures thanks to his achievements as a captain.

Virat KohliPlay for – IndiaYear of playing as captain
Total Match –
Win – 135Loss- 60

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