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Easy Steps To Play Fantasy Cricket

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Watching cricket matches is a dose of excitement for fans. How about making your team and finding out how the chosen players performing on the field? Well, this is possible when you are a fantasy cricket team owner. Worry not; you can create a virtual team at home on your mobile or computer. There are trusted digital portals where you can venture into a fantasy team and earn prizes by winning contests. Before that, let us learn what fantasy cricket means.

What is fantasy cricket?

Fantasy cricket is a game where participants create virtual teams of real cricketers. The performance of these cricketers in real-life matches determines the points earned by the fantasy teams. Participants can select players from a given pool and build their teams within a specified budget. Apart from fun, the prime objective is to earn points based on the players’ performance one has chosen. The points are calculated on runs scored, wickets taken, catches, and more. Such teams compete against each other in virtual leagues and contests held on digital platforms. Participants can win prizes based on their team’s performance.

Steps to play fantasy cricket

Follow these steps to become a fantasy cricket player. Learn how to make a team from the beginning and master the skills of match predictions.

1.   Choose a fantasy cricket platform

The first step is to choose a fantasy cricket platform that suits your preferences. Research and compare the features, user reviews, and reputation of different platforms before making a choice. You can learn how to play fantasy cricket from scratch by choosing the most suitable and trusted portal.

2.   Create a user account

Once you’ve selected a platform, visit its website or download the mobile app. Register by creating an account and provide the details the digital platform asks for. Some platforms may require age verification to ensure eligibility.

3.   Understand and verify the point system

Before creating your team, it’s essential to understand the point system of the fantasy cricket platform you’ve chosen. Each platform has its unique scoring system, where different actions like runs, wickets, catches, and strike rates earn points. Study the scoring rules and familiarize yourself with the scoring parameters to make informed decisions while selecting players.

4.   Find and join a contest

After creating an account and understanding the scoring system, navigate to the contest section of the platform. You’ll find various contests with different entry fees and prize pools there. Choose a contest from the provided list that suits your budget and preferences. Some platforms offer free contests for beginners to get familiar with the game without financial commitment. These fantasy gaming platforms conduct contests for gamers based on upcoming events. You will gradually learn how to participate in live contests.

5.   Create your fantasy team

Once you’ve joined a contest, it’s time to create your fantasy cricket team. You will get a virtual budget or points to select your players. Each player is assigned a specific value based on skill, form, and popularity. Strategically select players from different teams and roles (batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders) to create a balanced team within budget constraints.

6.   Research and analyze player performance and match conditions

While selecting players for your team, consider factors like recent form, performance in specific match conditions, injuries, and team strategies. Stay updated with the latest news, injury reports, and player statistics to make better decisions. A thorough analysis of player performance can significantly enhance your chances of scoring well. You can also seek match insights based on player performance and conditions in the same portal.

7.   The captain and vice-captain

The captain and vice-captain of your team will play a crucial role in earning points for your team. Learn how a captain and a vice-captain add points to your team. By doing so, you will be able to gather more points combined. Choose these positions wisely, considering the players’ current form and potential to perform well in the upcoming match.

8.   Follow the match and track your team’s progress

Keep an eye on the live score updates and check how the chosen players of your virtual team are performing during a match. Focus on their batting, bowling, and fielding statistics to see how they contribute to your team’s points. Many fantasy cricket platforms provide live scorecards and updates within their interfaces, making it convenient to track the match and your team’s progress in real-time.

9.   Make strategic transfers and substitutions

During a tournament or series, you can make transfers and substitutions for your team. This step allows you to bring in new players or replace underperforming ones. Keep an eye on player injuries, form, and upcoming match schedules to make strategic transfers to give your team an edge.

10.  Monitor leaderboard and rankings

As the matches progress, keep an eye on the leaderboard and rankings of the contest you’ve joined. The leaderboard reflects the performance of all participating teams, and you can track your team’s position and progress.


Playing fantasy cricket is an exciting way for enthusiasts to engage with the sport and showcase their cricketing knowledge and skills. Following the above steps, you can easily get started and immerse yourself in virtual team management and competition. The virtual cricket world is becoming increasingly popular with the advent of new digital portals to create fantasy teams. Why wait, then? Use your knowledge and analytical skills to make the best fantasy cricket team and win contests. Choose a trusted and suitable mobile app to build a team and watch how your match predictions convert into reality.

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